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Booking Policy

Please be sure to look for your booking confirmation email confirming your appointment time slot and date with Bullseye after speaking to one of our team members. You will receive the booking confirmation email within 48 hours. If our team can't honor the time and date you've chosen we will contact you directly within 24 hours of appointment time to see if we can set your free walkthrough up for another day.


We know life can get in the way so our clients can cancel and reschedule within 24 hours of their appointment time with no hidden cancelation fees! 

We want to make sure that we have plenty of time to complete detailed onsite assessments and to be able to sit and answer any questions clients may have about our company and information about any add-on services we can provide. Each onsite assessment will be scheduled for 2 hours. 

Our booking strategy helps us avoid overbooking issues and disappointing our future clients!

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